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 Have you been putting off a foreign vacation or a trip to visit your grand children because you couldn't afford the cost of an airline ticket?

Well, weap no more my friend. With the airline bargain fares you're going to learn about here at The Senior Center, you don't have to delay your trip any longer.

With these low prices, you can easily afford to zip off on a weekend to visit a loved one across the country. Or, you can run down to Mexico or the Caribbean to unwind for a weekend.

If you're really adventurous... we'll tell you how to fly round trip to exotic Hong Kong for as little as $395 from the USA!

And... for the real avid airline travel bargain hunter... we're going to show you how you can easily learn to "Fly Anywhere FREE... or Almost Free!"

Please be patient if the following "clicks" take awhile to load.

Since the AARP's Modern Maturity Magazine recently recommended The Senior Center as "where to look for the best travel bargains" in America... the number of our visitors have at times completely overwhelmed our internet server's ability to "serve."

You'll find the small "wait" will pay you large dividends in travel savings.

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"The Worldwide Guide to Cheap Airfares : How to Travel the World Without Breaking the Bank"
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"Travel Bargains : How to Pay Less and Travel More"
By Art Evans

"Air Courier Bargains : How to Travel World-Wide for Next to Nothing"
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