Elvis' Graceland Cook Reveals All!

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If You're An ELVIS PRESLEY Fan...
And Like Good Southern Home Cookin'
Then You're Going To Absolutely LOVE this!

"Fit for a King
The Elvis Presley Cookbook"

Elvis Presley loved traditional southern cooking. In "Fit for a King" are more than 300 recipes for the special dishes Elvis enjoyed, including many from his longtime personal cook, Ms. Alvena Roy.

Also included are menus for meals served at Graceland for Elvis and Priscilla's wedding reception, for the Beatles' visit, and for Christmas in Memphis.

The revealing memories Elvis's friends have of mealtimes with him at Graceland depict him as a thoughtful, considerate, and fun-loving person.

Kitty Dolan recalls a visit with Elvis in Killeen, Texas, right after his mother's death.

"We drove in Elvis's white Cadillac to the house they had rented from Judge Crawford... That night we sat down to dinner, with Elvis at one end of the table and his father at the other. Then his grandmother. There was a big platter of white bread for sandwich makings and a big platter of southern baked beans. That was topped off with a delicious pie his Grandmammy had baked. Elvis looked at me with a shy, little smile and said, 'I sure hope you like our southern cooking.'"

Many of the seventy photographs are published here for the very first time.

The elegant cover of this 240 page book is in The King's favorite colors... black, pink, and gold. There's also an intriguing sepia-tone photo of "The Young" Elvis you're going to adore!

And yes, this volume could very easily become a valuable collector's item in the years to come. The Spring Lake News expects many people will buy two of these cookbooks. That way, they can put one someplace safe and keep the other one in the kitchen."

In its review, The Charleston Gazette stated, "this true culinary tribute to the King of Rock 'n' Roll is a must for all Elvis connoisseurs."

Click on the title below for low discount pricing on this revealing new volume.
"Fit for a King - The Elvis Presley Cookbook"

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