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Here are Links to the Very Best Hobby & Leisure Sites We've Found on the Web

If you're a golfer... or a golfing fan... be prepared for a real treat at the following site!

Whatever your interest in the great outdoors, the GORP has your number. Check out biking, hiking, fishing, birding, climbing, exploring, and much, much more.
Great Outdoor Recreation Page

Here's where you'll find the best links anywhere to pursuits ranging from Amateur (Ham) Radio to Writing... and literally dozens of good stuff in between.
Recreation: Hobbies and Crafts

Does movie making, movies, actors, actresses... etc. trip your trigger? Great... You've just found the rightplace!
There are over 1,500,000 filmography entries in this database, covering over 400,000 people. There are details on just about everyone you have ever heard of (as well as tens of thousands of others you probably haven't).
The Internet Movie Database Tour

Before you plan that next ski outting... better check out this one.
The Consummate Skiing List

Sports Fans! If you don't find what you like here... stop looking. :-)
Welcome to SportsLine USA

Does your favorite pet bark, meow, chirp, neigh, or make various other noises...? Here is some super good stuff especially for you.
Your Guide to Pets on the Internet

Are you a newsaholic? Then the following sites will satisfy your craving for awhile. (Note: Most online versions of newspapers are free, but several are going to ask you to choose a sign-on name and password)
Newspapers Online
Worldwide List of Online Newspapers

Also, if tracing your family tree has the slightest appeal to you as a hobby, be sure to check our own Senior Center Genealogy page.
Trace Your Family Tree


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