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Considering the damage floods have done to homes from north to south this year, the item below may very well be one of the most important you've ever read.
Think You Don't Need Flood Insurance?
Better Think Again, My Friend!"

Want some super ideas to improve your home... kitchen, bath, yard, garden, etc.? The following excellent interactive site is guaranteed to start your head spinning out creative solutions to your home improvement problems. Visit: Home Improvement Ideas

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How a Reverse Mortgage Could Easily Supply You All The Money You'll Need for the Rest of Your Life... and you will not have to pay it back.
Also... Learn about the scams used against the elderly in this field and how you can avoid being taken in by them.

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From the Readers Digest - Quick and Easy Solutions, Timesaving Tips, and Tricks of the Trade.
For do-it-yourself know-how, people turn to Reader's Digest for the tools and techniques to help them through big or small projects.
This book presents the fastest, easiest and least expensive ways to get things done around the house, with more than 2,000 tips and techniques, all tested by pros. Over 1,000 color illustrations.
"Family Handyman Helpful Hints"


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