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When you check out this site... you'll wish you'd had it available back when you were helping your children with their homework.
Research-It! - Your one-stop reference desk

Now you can almost instantly find out what the Bible says about any and everything. On this site are six versions of the Bible in seven languages. Search by chapter & verse, words, or subject.
The WWW Bible Gateway

The following site is probably the most comprehensive and complete listing of health information on planet earth.
Health Finder Health Information

Here is the premier site on the World Wide Web for instant stock and bond quotes, investment news, research, and much more in the investment field.

Now, with just a few mouse clicks, you can find out exactly what your automobile is worth before you advertise it for sale, or negotiate with a dealer to trade it in. Also find out exactly what that new car you want costs the dealer.

New and Used Car Prices 1985-1998

At the following commercial site, you'll find some of the best info we've seen on dealing with the problems of the elderly.
Ask Transitions Elder Care Consulting

Over 290 pages for Canadians over 50, retired or not, on health, finance, travel, leisure, humour and much more. E-mail discussion list for Canadians 50+.
Canadian Association of Retired Persons

Newsletters For Those Over 50
Senior News Network
Alzheimer's Home Page
Silver Threads
Grand Times
Reader's Digest
The Senior Net
Eldercare Web
Seniors Computer Information
Third Age
Town Square
Heartland Hills
Cypress Village

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