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Back in the 1980s, the Bellamy Brothers singing group had a hit song on the pop charts. It was entitled, "Lovers Live Longer".

A beautiful melody to say the least... but now researchers find that yes, people (both male and female) who have a satisfactory sex life tend to live longer than people who have an unsatisfactory sex life.

And, if you're a senior citizen, you learned a long time ago that a good or bad sex life reflects good or bad into almost every other area of your life.

A dead wrong "fact" you may have "learned" somewhere along the line is that seniors don't have satisfactory sex lives.

If so, please "unlearn" it right now. Research has shown that both men and women can enjoy sex into their eighties, or even longer! Like many other things in life, it's all in "knowing how" and making a few adjustments. We're going to tell you where to "learn how" confidentially, and without cost.

For "starters", take a look at the National Institute on Aging's publication entitled,
"Sexuality in Later Life"

You will also want to contact the Institute and ask for their book entitled, "Menopause". It covers problems and solutions for many sexual problems of women. Institute's publication entitled, "Age Page: Sexuality in Later Life". This one discusses sexual problems and solutions for both men and women.

You can contact the Institute at:

National Institute on Aging
Information Center
P O Box 8057
Gaithersburg MD 20898
Phone: 800-222-2225

Sexual problems for men and women can be caused by many different things. More times than you can imagine, a prescription drug you are taking is negatively affecting your sex life. To find out if a medicine you are taking could be your problem, contact:

Drug Evaluation and Research
Food and Drug Administration
5600 Fishers Lane
Rockville MD 20857
Phone: 301-294-1012

Impotence? Here's how to confidentially get the very latest on therapies, treatments, implants, and much more.

Impotence is without a doubt the most sensitive subject known to MAN. Many men will not admit to themselves they have the problem. They will not discuss it with their sexual partner. They just start to ignore their wife because they are afraid of failure.

The wife in such circumstances is left thinking her husband simply doesn't care for her any longer. She gets the mistaken idea she is no longer attractive or desirable to anyone… and before long she is in the lowest frame of mind imaginable.

Many men are too sensitive to even discuss their problem with a doctor. Things very quickly go from bad to worse until the terrible reality of divorce court is staring the couple in the eye. All this because a husband is ashamed to discuss a medical problem which affects millions of older (and sometimes younger) men.

In years gone by, most cases of impotence were blamed on a psychological problem. If a man discussed the problem with their doctor, the doc's "instant" diagnosis was most often, "it all in your head".

Now, new research has completely disproved this theory. The large majority of impotence cases are caused by physical problems. Better yet, most of these problems are treatable… many with a simple round of prescription drugs. There are now a dozen and one other practical solutions for those men who can't be treated by medicine.

Before you can do anything… you need very badly to admit your problem and get all the facts known about it. Contact the agency below for their free publications concerning impotence.

National Kidney
and Urologic Diseases
Information Clearinghouse
3 Information Way
Bethesda MD 20892-3580
Phone: 301-654-4415

Reading Recommendations

The Virility Breakthrough
by: Othniel J. Seiden, M.D.

Everything You Need to Know About the Virility Pill Everybody is Talking About!

Includes up-to-the-minute information on all known side effects and contraindications.

Viagra, the new virility pill, has quickly become a cultural phenomenon. This first-ever oral treatment for impotence offers new, exciting hope fo the millions of men who sufferfrom sexual dysfunction. But does Viagra truly live up to its hype? And more important, is it the right treatment for you?

You'll find the answers inside this book. In clear and understandable language, Dr. Othniel J. Seiden gives you all the facts. He examines the actual science behind Viagra and helps you make an informed decision about its use.

Inside, you'll find:

  • Detailed information about the causes and implications of sexual dysfunction
  • An in-depth explanation of how Viagra works
  • Alternative treatments for impotence

    Answers to your questions:

  • Will it work for me?
  • What are the possible side effects?
  • How does Viagra interact with other medications
  • Does Viagra work for women too?
  • And much, much more!
  • If you are among the millions of Americans considering the use of this revolutionary treatment, Viagra, The Virility Breakthrough is the reference you need to ensure you make the right choice.

    Dr. Othniel J. Seiden, M.D., has been in practice for over thirty-five years. He is the nenowned founder of Doctors to the World, a charitable organization providing medical care for the needy worldwide, and the author of over fifteen books. Dr. Seiden lives in Denver, Colorado.

    "Click Here" to see how easy it is to order Dr. Seiden's excellent informative and problem-solving book at a low discount price.

    "7 Weeks to Better Sex"
    by: Dr. Domeena Renshaw, M.D.

    Dr. Renshaw's practical program outlines the six most common sexual problems couples face and offers effective solutions.

    The numerous questionnaires and exercises are designed to help couples understand their attitudes about sex, intimacy, body image, and communication, and help provide the building blocks for increasing confidence and heightening enjoyment.

    "Click Here" to see the low discount price on this book and how easily you can order it.


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