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Consider the Greyhound Ameripass

As Greyhound's publicity states... "Nobody shows you America up close like Greyhound." The Ameripass is a real bargain, especially for seniors. You purchase the pass in 7, 14, 30, or 60 day versions.

Your time doesn't start clicking until the first time you use your pass. Then for the duration of your pass, you can get on the bus when you like... get off when you like... and go anywhere Greyhound goes. (And, that's practically everywhere in the USA!

Seniors can get a 30 day pass for $369 and a 60 day version for only $569. Well worth considering this fall... especially with the prime leaf-looking season almost upon us.

Call toll free, 800 231-2222 for complete details and/or to purchase your Ameripass.

Save Up To 90% on Air Fares!
You don't have to put off that foreign vacation or trip to visit your grand children any longer because of the high cost of flying. Now, you can fly anywhere in the world for as little as 10% of regular price!

Foreign Travel Tips for Older Americans
Are you even thinking of visiting a foreign country? Then, this is an absolute must read... courtesy of the U.S. Department of State.

Here are Excellent Vacation Links on the Web
The National Park Service
Vicinity Corporation's MapBlast!
Shoestring Travel Servers
Microsoft Expedia
FestivalFinder: Music Festivals of North America

Reading Recommendations

"Cruise Secrets Exposed"
The How to Resource Guide to the Best Values in Cruise Travel
By Sharon Tyler and Matthew Wunder

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