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For those of us on Medicare, a supplemental, or "Medigap" policy is a necessity, to say the least.
Have you ever wondered whether the rate you are now paying for such a policy is the best deal available?
Here's where you can find out right now... anonymously... and without having to deal with a single insurance salesperson!
Get Quotes for Medigap Policies from 85 Companies

A new automobile of almost any make costs more now than most of us paid for our first home! Here's how you can quickly learn to get the car you want at the very best possible price.
How Can I Get the Best Deal on a New Car?

Automobile insurance coverage is necessary, plus it is a law that you have it in most states. Click here and a professional will show you how to cut the cost of your auto insurance to the very lowest price possible.
Nine Ways to Lower Your Auto Insurance Costs

A bill now working its way through congress could reduce your house payments. Here's what you should know about it.
Bill May Reduce Your House Payments

Reading Recommendations

"Avoiding the Medicaid Trap:"
How Every American Can Beat the Catastrophic Costs of Nursing Home Care
By Armond D. Budish

"The 100 Best Mutual Funds to Own in America" By Gene Walden

"Buying Mutual Funds for Free"
By Kirk Kazanjian

Cracking Wall Street With Your Personal Computer (Wiley Investing Series)
By David L. Brown and Kassandra Bentley

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